The Widsom of Bees


“The honeybee feeds upon just those parts of the plants which are also wholly pervaded by love. Hence, one must say that the life of the bees must be studied by making use of the soul.” 

– Rudolf Steiner

Today, more than eighty years after Rudolf Steiner presented his lectures on bees, our bees are situated in the middle of our fruit orchard replete with apples, pears, figs, nectarines, cherries, pluots, and walnuts. We present our honey bees to a mélange of fruit trees, wild flowers, and 700 lavender plants in our labyrinth.

At SunHawk Farms, your choice for luxury vacation rentals in Northern California, we maintain a healthy hive that grows with each year even while periodically allowing some to separate into a swarm and follow their queen into the oak forest around us. And in return, the bees bring us sweet, aromatic honey that enriches our soul.

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