"No other place like this on Earth"

"Your place is amazing! We had an incredible time. All of our guests were wowed beyond  belief. The waterslide was a huge hit and the island on the lake fabulous! We loved the cornhole, ping pong, and all the kids activities. Your hosting, Sara and John, was stellar and we can’t wait to come back. No other place like this on Earth!  Cheers and Blessings"

– Tristen & Amie Hensley; Jaxon and Calvin

"Truly a magical place"

"This is truly a magical place and one that my family will always treasure! We can’t wait to come back!"

– the Vivenzis; Mila, Hudson, Dory, Bart & Michelle


"We can’t wait to come back"

"What a magical place… Our whole family had the best time ever! We can’t wait to come back!"

– The D’Amico Family

"Sara and John were incredible hosts!"

"Their beautiful, thoughtful, and spacious home was the perfect escape for a weekend retreat with friends. We took advantage of the large pond, waterslide, outdoor kitchen area, and many sleeping quarters. It was my dream to throw an event where we had music, relay races, good BBQ, and never once had to get into a car. Their home made this possible.

Everything was well organized and they were super accommodating to our needs. We even worked with a local winery to have a tasting onsite. I would highly recommend their space for group events, and definitely plan to visit again!"

-Madeline Grubman


"I highly recommend and will definitely return."

"The moment we drove into Sunhawk Farms I knew I was in the exact type of space I was longing for - a place to unplug and unwind with my family amidst a beautiful backdrop of hills and trees, water and sun.  My only regret was not having stopped at a store to fill up the fridge when I arrived so that I didn’t have to turn around and leave the property again, since I wanted to soak up every second (so plan on bringing in what you need!). 

My two kids shrieked with excitement when they saw the “pond” (which is more like a little lake) and the slide going into it.  They also noticed the floating dock in the center which housed a swing and a diving board.  We couldn’t wait to unpack and get in.  Next we headed to the Red Barn where we lived for the next few days.  The wide open space was light and airy.  John Schaefer, our fantastic host, had the solar powered A/C running to keep it cool and it was perfect.  The kitchen was well stocked with all the necessities and the beds were super comfortable and clean. 

Awaiting us were the gifts of two books, written by John, on solar power and all of the ecological attributes he’s contributed to our world, and a bottle of wine.  We were ready to begin the chill.  And chill we did.  John is the kind of host who is there when you need him and around as much as you’d like him to be, and gives you space if that’s what you are looking for. 

We got a little of both.  The two highlights of the stay for me were standing up paddle boarding across the lake while reggae tunes emanated from the sound system.  I told John, in fact, that would go down as one of the top 20 moments of my life, thus far. The lake is so pristine and peaceful. My other favorite moment of the trip was being shown the incredible house John designed and finding our way to the solar cooling room where we drummed and sang harmony with our kids and John.  It was pure magic!  Our kids caught tadpoles, swam and played on the play structure while we relaxed and swam and cooked and ate and hot tubed. There are plenty of places to hike, a lavender labyrinth to walk through, a canoe and a kayak, and a beautiful view to take in everywhere you turn.  It was exactly the time and space we were hoping for.  I highly recommend and will definitely return. "

- Ali Mann

"An amazing and unparalleled space"

"Thanks so much for allowing us to share magical SunHawk with us. It is an amazing and unparalleled space for family and friends!"

– Juanito Hensley


"Our stay at SunHawk was...dreamy and beautiful- it was magical!"

"Our stay at SunHawk was not only dreamy and beautiful- it was magical! The spring fed pond is heaven on a hot day and our kids chased frogs and tadpoles till the sun went down. This place has been created with so much love and now they are sharing it. We can’t wait to bring more friends with us next time!"

- Quincy
(July 2022)

"You just need to see for your self!"

"Still in awe of our time @sunhawkfarms. The ingenuity that was put forth into creating every aspect of this place is truly one of a kind. I can tell you about the recycled tires for roof shingles & the lavender labyrinth where one can leave the worlds worries behind; however that barely scratches the surface of the experience. You just need to see for your self!"

- Amanda
(July 2022)


"Sunhawk Farms is the definition of paradise"

"Sunhawk Farms is the definition of paradise. Tucked away in Hopland, CA is a serene oasis accompanied by plentiful fruit trees, lavender fields, and all the amenities that you can dream of. We had the entire place to ourselves for a couple days and were heartbroken to leave.

All our guests raved at the amazing water pressure and how comfortable their beds were. The highlight of our stay was having the privilege to enjoy the lake, its 30 foot water slide, and the floating island with diving board. We recommend waking up early to use the hot tub as you watch the sky change colors and the water lilies open, taking a stroll through the lavender labyrinth, then hopping into the lake and using the refreshing outdoor shower afterwards.

This already amazing experience was made even better by Sara’s generosity. She went above and beyond by checking in and making sure we had everything we needed. She even gave us fresh basil, a bottle of wine made on the property, and picked us mulberries from their tree! This made for the best 30th birthday that my partner could ask for. If you are looking for a truly unique experience, come to Sunhawk Farms and you won’t be disappointed."

- Thuy Tran
(July 2022)

"Best experience ever"

"Hands down best experience ever. Had an amazing time. Can’t wait to come back again next year"

– Jenn and Dave Seligman


"Great place for kids and family"

"Maverick and I had the time of our lives. Great place for kids and family."

– Stacie

"We had so much fun"

"What a great place!  We had so much fun. The smiles on everyone’s faces were so wonderful to see!! Thanks so much and looking forward to the next visit."

– Ron & Deb Meyers


"The most fun we’ve ever had as a family!!"

“The most fun we’ve ever had as a family!! We go all over the world  but this is one of the most magical places we’ve every stayed. Peaceful, inspiring, and relaxing. My kids were outside for three full days barefoot and free. We are refreshed and inspired to be more connected to nature, which we needed to be reminded of. Everything we could ask for was here and I never want to leave! We can’t wait to come back to this wonderful heaven on earth. ”

Natalie Griffith

"It was one of the most fun trips our family has ever had"

"I came here with my cousins for four days. It was one of the most fun trips our family has ever had! The lake was amazing and the water slide was so fun. Every day we boated around and ate snacks on the island and the beds in our cabin were very nice. I loved falling asleep to the sound of the frogs and crickets. The property is gorgeous and I definitely want to come back next year!”

– The 5 Griffith Kids (ages 13 to 3)


"Your love and compassion shows in the care you have invested..."

“I am incredibly blessed by your love and hospitality  Sara and Nancy, you both have showered our group, Sacramento Hypnotherapy, retreat goers, so enormously that it has ensured our special experience. Your love and compassion shows in the care you have invested in the grounds, accommodations, and food, Thank you for everything, it as an enormous gift”


Reviews from Google

This place is Shangri-la West! It's rustic luxury at its best, with the feeling of being in a secluded utopian world even though it's only 10 minutes from Hopland. The pickleball courts and instruction add a whole other dimension of awesomeness. It immediately became my #1 weekend getaway.
Erica Etelson
To be honest, I hesitate to rate this place because it feels more like a secret sanctuary and I don't want the world to discover it. Anyway how do you rate paradise? Everywhere one looks, there is beauty in the land and all the human-made objects. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. If you have the good fortune to stay there, you will thank yourself for it. Even though it mostly rained during our December visit, it was still totally worth it just to soak in the exquisiteness of Sunhawk! Thank you John and Nancy for manifesting your vision and dream.
Christine King
We rented the entire place out for a weekend birthday celebration and everything totally exceeded our expectations. The property is gorgeous with tons of amazing details all throughout the on-site houses. Completely off grid and sustainable but also perfect phone and internet service. Jon the owner is also amazing in his own right, a green construction legend and steward of the land. 10/10 would rent again.
Luke Frances
We spent one of the most dreamy weekends here.
One could sense the amount of thought that was given to every little detail. Just perfect 🙂 we are feeling so lucky to discover this beautiful piece of heaven. The host was very responsive and flexible to our needs. We would definitely be back
Chen Grace Leven
SunHawk is an incredibly inspiring, other-worldy gathering place! We spent the weekend with a large group of friends but it would also be perfect for a team retreat. The home is a creative, well-designed space and the land is an oasis with a huge swimming pond. Do not pass up the opportunity to host an event here or just book it with a small crew and have the best time!
Eric Fenster - Highway One
SunHawk is one of the most peaceful, fun, restful, good energy places I have ever been lucky enough to visit. Sliding down the dusty Hopland hills into SunHawk feels like entering an oasis, the full pond, water slide, and surrounding greenery a stark contrast with the surrounding brown hills. Fruit drips from trees (even heavenly mulberries, which I tried for the very first time on a recent visit), and dragonflies dance through the olive orchard. My two young children spent their afternoon at SunHawk in a blissful trance of play and swimming and utter delight. Afterwards they told me that SunHawk was their "dream house," made even dreamier by the fact that it's completely self-sufficient. This would be the *perfect* space for a restorative retreat of any kind. I cannot give a high enough recommendation. If you have the opportunity to visit SunHawk, you'll quickly find that you'll never want to leave!
Anna Schell
SunHawk Resort and Event Center is the most magical place on Earth!
Nancy Hensley