SunHawk Farms to Become an Event Center by Summer 2022


SunHawk has been the personal Shangri-La of the Schaeffer family since they purchased it in 1998 and curated its magic and creativity over the last 24 years. It’s been their family’s retreat and respite from the crazy world especially through the Covid years. Their original vision was to make it completely off the grid, build it with recycled materials, grow the best vegetables, fruit trees, olives and grapes, and do everything in a regenerative and responsible manner to demonstrate to the world how one can have all the creature comforts of the mainstream without wasting energy and using polluting infrastructure. Now that the Schaeffers have succeeded in bringing that vision to light, they want to share what they’ve created with the rest of the world, so they, too, can experience this playful paradise without the guilt of over consumption and irresponsible energy use.

Transforming the family home into a gorgeous site to be enjoyed by all.

John’s daughter Sara made a pitch to John in late 2021 to manager the new event center and rentals now that John was spending much of his time at his new retirement home on the coast in the village of Mendocino with Nantzy. Together they have worked to transform the family home into a gorgeous site to be enjoyed by all. The goal was to make it super comfortable, creative, inspiring, and encourage digital detox and human connection as well as a primal appreciation of the natural surroundings. Sara and John have spent much of early 2022 getting the site ready for rental. They’re adding two new outdoor showers, an outdoor bathroom, several luxurious glamping tents and are fixing up all the structures to make them world class.

Designed with play in mind

The prime draw of the SunHawk site has always been the gorgeous lake with its water slide, redwood dock with patio area, newly finished island with regulation diving board and hammock swing chair, and water toys like the canoe, kayak, paddle board, but most of all the very pristine waters of the lake for swimming. Visitors will be encouraged to use the workout room with its exercise equipment, smart TV, and high infrared sauna. The site was designed with play in mind. There is a jungle gym play structure for kids, a large lawn area for soccer or slip-n-slide, ping pong, lots of games and amazing nature hikes around the property.  John and Sara hope to welcome its first visitors to SunHawk in early June 2022. By then the new glamping tents will be up in the private meadow with heavenly queen beds and a plethora of songbirds to greet visitors in the morning. All in all they plan on having enough beds to sleep 20+ people in the various accommodations at SunHawk. They hope to encourage family reunions, celebrations of all kinds, corporate off-site retreats, and simple nature recharging experiences.

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