Biodynamic Farming Standards

Biodynamic farming is defined by the Demeter Biodynamic Farm Standard. Sections of the Farm Standard include necessary elements of the farm organism, soil fertility management, crop protection, greenhouse management, animal welfare, and the use of the preparations. Biological diversity within the farm landscape is emphasized, and requires that a minimum of ten percent of the total farm…
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SunHawk Farms to Become an Event Center by Summer 2022

SunHawk has been the personal Shangri-La of the Schaeffer family since they purchased it in 1998 and curated its magic and creativity over the last 24 years. It’s been their family’s retreat and respite from the crazy world especially through the Covid years. Their original vision was to make it completely off the grid, build…
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The Widsom of Bees

“The honeybee feeds upon just those parts of the plants which are also wholly pervaded by love. Hence, one must say that the life of the bees must be studied by making use of the soul.”  – Rudolf Steiner Today, more than eighty years after Rudolf Steiner presented his lectures on bees, our bees are…
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