The perfect landscape for celebration

SunHawk farms was built as a model of sustainability and provides an inspirational, educational, and playful space for authentic connection.

SunHawk Farms was built as a model of sustainability and regenerative practices and provides an inspirational, educational, and playful space for authentic connection. Surrounded by untamed forests, lush with fresh spring water, and held in the abundance of a biodynamic farm, the natural beauty of SunHawk offers the perfect landscape for celebration. Whether it be a birthday party, eco friendly corporate events, graduation party, family gathering, or corporate offsite retreat, we are here to help bring your vision to reality.

It only makes sense to walk your talk when organizing a retreat event.

John Schaeffer attended many off-site corporate retreats during his 41 year tenure running Real Goods. For him it was always a major disillusionment to see solar and sustainability events held in fossil fuel powered locations and even in Las Vegas, the energy wasting capital of the world. It only makes sense to walk your talk when organizing a retreat event. All the principles that he and Nantzy learned in their years at Real Goods have come home to roost at the SunHawk Event Center. You will find eco-conscious materials at every turn, recycled materials wherever possible. Intelligent design of structures and landscaping, water conserving practices, and to top it off, the nearest PG&E power pole is over a mile away making SunHawk a veritable off-the-grid paradise. 

We encourage ‘digital detox’ events

We encourage ‘digital detox’ events where participants leave their cell phones, computers and devices at the door (along with their egos!) and experience a few days of off-grid bliss away from the noise and buzz of the digitally connected 21st century world. SunHawk provides a place where you can swim, hike, commune with nature, gaze at the wondrous very clear night sky with no lights in the vicinity, and get back to your true self and the roots of nature. Feel free to bring out the drums, cover your body with mud, hike to the top of a mountain, and just let your true nature come free.


We are 100% off the grid and Solar Powered!

If you’re a tech company who wants to conduct a training retreat or a party celebrating their successes, we also have high speed Internet at 50 mBps and all the creature comforts and amenities of a wired homestead but without fossil fuels. We are 100% solar with hydro powered in the rainy season, and energy efficient in every way. What better place to gather the troops to tell them how much you appreciate their efforts? 

We prefer to rent our entire SunHawk compound  (Full Property Rental Package) for a minimum of two days or a three day (or longer) weekend.

That way you have full access to sleep 20+ people plus a few more if you bring tents. You will be able to access the lake, the dock, the island, the Bunkhouse and waterslide; the SunHawk Suite, the Rustic Cabin, the outdoor shower and sink complex, the bathrooms, the Red Barn, all the amenities and lake toys, the Outdoor Kitchen, the Hot Tub, and the entire 160 acres of hiking trails and starry night skies!

Rates / Packages

Peak Season May1- October1

Weekends are reserved for Full Property Rentals. Partial property rentals are only available midweek (Monday-Thursday) during peak season and require a two night minimum stay. Please contact us directly for partial property rentals


Full Property Rental Package


2 night minimum

Check in at 3pm, check out by 11am

Includes use of the whole property (SunHawk Suite, Bunk House, Glamping Tents, Camping Area, Lake, Canoe & Kayak, Hot Tub, Island access, Water Slide, Sauna, outdoor kitchen, and all Amenities)

  • $1000 refundable damage deposit
  • Cleaning Fee:  $800
  • Includes lodging for 20+ guests
  • Camping for a maximum of 10 people
  • Van / RV camping limited to 3 vehicles, $100/vehicle, need to be self-contained as no hooks up are offered.
  • We have a total of 21 beds and sleep up to 31.

Daytime Lake Party package

$800 depending on amount of people.

Check in at 11am, check out by 7pm

Perfect for small parties or 5-6 families.

All day lake party and full use of all outdoor amenities: water slide, hot tub, outdoor shower, bathroom/changing area, lake toys, outdoor kitchen and picnic area, picnic tables, three large tables as a serving area, three large umbrellas, two tables located on the dock, kids toys and play structure, kayak, canoe, stand up paddle board, and the island with diving board in middle of the lake.  Large Bluetooth speaker included.  Towels provided for an extra fee.


  • $800 for 10 people
  • $25 per person over 10 people
  • $200 deposit
  • $150 cleaning fee
  • Maximum of 30 guests
  • Inquire regarding costing to stay the night

Note: if we do not have an event scheduled for a weekend, feel free to state your preference and we will book you in to an individual accommodation if space allows