Biodynamic 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2020 Olive Oil Harvest Just In

For over five thousand years, people have been harvesting this wellspring of good health. Our olives are grown along the hills in Mendocino County, California – home of the greatest number of organic farms in the U.S. Here, we grow more than 2,800 olive trees of the Tuscan varieties. Using strict biodynamic techniques, our olives are harvested by hand and pressed just down the hill at Olivino. Each year, our harvest grows. Despite all the recent olive oil fraudcoming to light, you can rest assured that our olive oil is 100% authentic, 100% biodynamic, and 100% extra virgin!

Try our ‘Olio Nuovo’ for the freshest taste!

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Olio Nuovo (New Oil) has a distinct fresh flavor, with the late fall milling having a deep green color, delectable grassy character, and a fruity/spicy finish. It is best enjoyed by March 9, 2021.

“It’s extraordinary – one of the best I’ve ever tasted – great depth and richness of flavor and an unusually pronounced peppery finish, which I love. I say that as one who has tasted a lot of olive oils – here and in Italy. Congratulations on producing such a fine oil!”

– Dr. Andrew Weil, medical doctor, teacher, and best-selling author on holistic health

SunHawk Farms organic extra virgin olive oil