Lavender Essential Oils

Some of the most beautiful hues found in nature are reflected in the lavender flower. They appeal to the eye with a blend of color and beauty. The sweet, fresh aroma of the lavender flower nourishes the spirit – whether as a spray or an oil. Our lavender is harvested by hand each summer by friends. Some lavender we dry, but most is distilled into oil by Tom Brower, an experienced biodynamic farmer with an unrivaled talent for essential oils.

SunHawk Farms lavender oils

SunHawk Farms Essential Oil of Lavender

As an essential oil, lavender has been used as far back as the ancient Egyptians as a perfume as well as a cure for ailments such as migraines and muscle and joint pain.

SunHawk Farms Hydrosol Lavender Mist

Our Hydrosol Lavender Mist is 100% distilled containing micro-molecules of essential lavender oil, giving it the same restorative properties as our Lavender Essential Oil, but with the added therapeutic benefit of hydrating the skin, promoting healing and nourishing the skin’s own regenerative processes. It is extremely calming and helps to reduce anxiety and stress. It cools and refreshes, providing instant relief from heat rash and sunburn.