Welcome to SunHawk – A Biodynamic Farm and Homestead

Surrounding SunHawk Farms is the wild and untouched forest and oak woodlands of Duncan Peak near Hopland in Mendocino County, California. Abundant with life, our farm breathes in the untamed forest that surrounds us and breathes out a unique vitality through ourlavender, fruit and nut orchards, grapes, olives, and vegetable gardens. Our Demeter certified Biodynamic Olive Oil is unparalleled and has received unqualified raves from dozens of aficionados as the best oil they have ever tasted!

SunHawk Farms is a dynamic system complete with bio-diverse habitat and internal humus-based fertility. Behind the olive orchard – consisting of around 2,800 Tuscan varieties of olive trees – and above the vast oak and madrone forest, you’ll be treated to red-tailed hawks, snowy egrets, great blue herons, and soaring bald eagles.

Along the rolling hills behind Hopland, in verdant and wild Mendocino County, our grapes grow on the south-facing slopes of a bow. On it we raise several varieties of Rhone grapes, which are combined into a field blend much like the old Italians and French have done for generations.

To paint in your imagination the scope of a biodynamic farm, consider the images of SunHawk Farms. Share in our harvest and abundance. And do taste our unique and extraordinary olive oil!